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Erik Goldstein NYC Based Steadicam Operator


Erik is a Steadicam Owner/Operator and Camera Operator based in NYC. He has worked on a broad range of projects including features, shorts, music videos, commercial and tv (both live and episodic). Erik is experienced with many camera systems including Arri, Red, Sony, Canon and Broadcast. He is also experienced in gimbal operation across Ronin, Movi and Helix systems. 

Erik has worked with multiple brands and publications including BET, Hasbro, Columbia Records, Nike, CJ Media, Conde Nast, The Durst Organization, Discovery Science, Forbes, Harvard University, Showtime, Urban Outfitters, Comedy Central, Vogue, Pfizer, Vice, Kith, Estee Lauder, and the New York Times.

He is a member of the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA). Erik received training and certification from the SOA Workshop where he trained with the inventor of Steadicam, Garret Brown, veteran operator Jerry Hill, and Mike O'Shea, head of the SOA.

Born and raised in NYC, Erik started out his career as an adventure and travel photographer. During this time he began work on a personal documentary film about the revival of the Great Plains in Northern America. He went on to focus in film and, ultimately, fell in love with Steadicam. 

Steadicam became the evolution Erik wanted in the visual arts. It’s pushed and challenged him in every possible way. He truly loves what he does and believes in creating something that will outlive him.




 Steadicam Operator/Owner  Proud  member of the SOA.

Steadicam Operator/Owner

Proud  member of the SOA.