Steadicam & Camera Operator



Steadicam Gear

Erik's Steadicam gear can fly camera packages ranging from DSLR, multiple film formats, and digital.

  • MKV Nexus V3
  • G-70x Arm

Wireless Focus:

  • Bartech Single Channel with Digital Receiver
  • Preston F.I.Z.
  • GZoom mounted focus/zoom control

Wireless Video:

  • Teradek Bolt 300 TX and RX.


  • Inovativ Scout Evo 37 Cart
  • Vehicle and Garfield Mounts
  • Weight Cage and SDI converter for DSLR
  • 7" Hand Held Director/AC monitor.
  • Quad AB charger and 12x 150wh AB batteries

A full list of gear can be found here.